Amish Paste,      Heirloom    

       (85 - 99 days)  Amish Paste plants produce deep red, 1/2 pound plum shaped fruit that many gardeners consider to be the largest, best flavored, paste tomato for sauces and canning.  The blocky, elongated, Roma-type tomatoes are also excellent eaten freshly picked from the vine. The fruit are large enough for slicing,  and they are meaty and contain only a moderate amount of seeds.  The taste is mildly sweet and not overly acidic.  The dependably heavy yielding, large, sprawling, indeterminate vines definitely need support.
    Friends request this one.  Production is excellent even through hot, wet weather and continues until frost. 
   Amish Paste is thought to have been grown by the Amish as far back as the late 1800's.  Thane Earl of Whitewater WI entered the cultivar in the 1987 SSE Yearbook.  Tom Hauch of Heirloom Seeds commercialized the variety after acquiring seeds from Amish farms in the Lancaster region of PA.