Big Beef, hybrid

      (73 days)  A 1994 All-American Selections winner, Big Beef is considered by many experts to be the ultimate tomato.  The fruit are consistently unblemished, crack-free, and large.  Weather and disease do not seem to affect production.   The smooth, red, uniformly globe-shaped fruit will mature at 8 to 12 oz.   Big Beef was bred for consistent pollination under various climate conditions.  Big Beef is richer tasting than many other hybrids.  Expect excellent production early and  until frost.
Big Beef is another achievement of Colen Wyatt Big Beef was created at Seminis Vegetable Seeds for PetoSeed Co. in 1991.   Colen is somewhat of a genius in the plant breeding world,  and in 1998 AAS presented him the Medallion of Honor for his many high quality vegetable introductions.  Big Beef is not the result of genetic engineering.  It was created using old-fashion cross breeding techniques.