Big Zac,    hybrid

       (82 days)   Big Zac was developed especially for its enormous size.  Properly cultivated, the meaty, glossy red, trophy sized fruit may weigh in at more than 4 pounds each.   The flavor is reported to be satisfactory.   The plants exhibit good disease resistance.
       Minnie Zaccaria has being growing tomatoes for over 40 years and has won the NJ Championship Tomato Weigh-in seven times.  She retains the record for the heaviest New Jersey tomato ever - a whopper weighing 6.16 pounds.  Her Big Zac mega-tomato is a hybrid cross between a red and a pink heirloom beefsteak variety.  Many tomato growers think they know which two, but she sold the rights to Totally Tomatoes of Randolph WI, and you can only be sure of having Minnie's prize-winning seeds by ordering from them.
     A few of Minnie's tips for growing monster fruit:  Stake plants and use mulch, pinch off all suckers, feed weekly with liquid plant food, and remove all but a handful of the biggest blooms so that nutrients get directed to only a few tomatoes.