Bloody Butcher, Heirloom         

      (45 - 55 days)   Bloody Butcher provides generous yields of 2 to 3 oz. fruit in clusters of 5 - 9.  It's a multi-purpose, indeterminate, potato-leafed heirloom tomato.  The name derives from the fruit's deep red color inside and out.   Its rich flavor is a favorite of many gourmands, but the skin is a bit tough.  Bloody Butcher is believed to have originated in Germany.   Bloody Butcher adapts very well to greenhouse conditions.

      In 2015 and 2016 Bloody Butcher beat all other early entries except Cherry Falls.  I picked my first ripe Bloody Butcher tomato on June 12 in 2017 - 2 days after my first Cherry Falls.