(70 - 74 days)  a 1984 All American Winner, Celebrity is highly disease resistant and adapts to a wide range of growing conditions.  The bushy plants are tolerant to blight, but not so much to cold temperatures.   The smooth, firm, dark red, oblate 7 to 8 ounce fruit grow on stocky vines that do well caged.   Although a true determinate plant that should not be pruned, Celebrity is often considered to be a semi-determinate variety because it often continues to produce fruit until frost and can sometimes grow to ten feet.  
   Celebrity's strength is its reliably high productivity.  Its weakness is that some heirloom lovers might describe its flavor to fall somewhere between ordinary and bland.  Celebrity was developed by plant breeder Colen Wyatt who was at the time employed by Petoseed.  Wyatt is somewhat of a legend in the world of plant breeders for home gardening.  Among his many popular successes is Big Beef tomato.