Mountain Princess, rare Heirloom      

      (56 - 58 days)  Mountain Princess consistently beats Early Girl for the first ripe fruit in my garden.*   In 2011 I had ripe tomatoes by the end of June.  But unlike indeterminate Early Girl that continues production until frost, determinate Mountain Princess vines sometime quit production by mid-August.  If conditions are favorable though, Princess will set more blossoms and produce an additional late crop.
    These orangish-red  2.5" - 3" diameter, 3 - 5  oz.  tomatoes form in clusters of 5-8 fruits. This variety originates from the Monongahela National Forest region of West Virginia.  Mountain Princess is a reliable early producer of medium sized tomatoes that are round, smooth, and blemish free.    The medium size determinate plant benefits from caging to keep fruit from spoiling on the ground, but staking is not necessary for the short vines.    Mountain Princess grows well in large containers.


   *During the record hot growing season of 2012 Early Girls, Ultimate Openers, Bush Goliaths, and Mountain Princesses all had ripe fruit within days of each other before the 4th of July.