Principe Borghese,   Heirloom      

      (75 day)  Bright red,  1 - 2oz grape shaped, meaty, paste-type fruit.  This determinate, Italian heirloom is traditionally used for drying.   At harvest time in Sicily and Tuscany you'll find racks and racks of these plants hanging outside baking in the sun.  Their rich flavor also make them acceptable for canning sauces, salads, or even munching fresh.
  Sun-drying is actually easy in my greenhouse.  I have set fruit individually on trays and dried them, or I have also hung whole plants upside down and let the fruit dry on the vine.   Our Midwest climate is really not conducive to sun-drying outdoors.   Consider purchasing a food dehydrator or oven drying if you have plans to preserve a lot of tomatoes.