San Marzano,    Heirloom                 

       (79 - 80 days)     The red and blocky plum fruit generally measure 3 to 4 inches long.  The meaty tomatoes  peel easily and have a high pectin content making San Marzano tomatoes excellent for cooking and canning.  Many experts claim San Marzano makes the world's best tasting tomato sauce.      
     The tomato takes it name from an Italian city where it is grown, canned, and exported.   The first cannery
was built by Francesco Cirio in 1875.  San Marzano purists proclaim that only tomatoes harvested from vines grown on 39,000 acres in the Campania area of Italy deserve the name.  The European Union agrees and only allows canned tomato products from tomatoes grown in that specific region to be protected by an EU seal.