Snow White,   open-pollinated     

      (74 days)   Snow White produces an abundance of ivory colored, 1/2" cherry tomatoes that turn a pale yellow when ripe.  Snow White is very sweet and a favorite snack for kids.  It also looks and tastes great in salads.  This vigorous indeterminate plant should be staked.  Snow White is another breeding success of the Bratka family.  see Mule Team
     Snow White is a fast seller at Aplin Farms in the southeast corner of Alabama.
    Slocomb AL located in the piney woods a few miles west of Dothan, has a rich loamy soil that is said to be perfect for growing tomatoes.  Slocomb fans love the low acidity and subtle sweetness of the tomatoes they claim are the best in the nation and liken in quality to Vidalia's onions in neighboring Georgia.  Slocomb hails itself as "home of the tomato" and chose "Redtop" as its High School mascot.
    It was in 1952 that Q P. Aplin along with 19 other local growers formed a successful co-op to help promote and market their produce. It soon grew to include several hundred farms engaged in shipping rock-hard green tomatoes nationwide.    Still the Slocomb co-op tomato growers got shoved aside by other, larger, more cost-effective agribusiness-farms elsewhere in the country for the green-to-store-shelf market.  Today, Slocomb's dozen or so tomato producers concentrate on selling vine-ripened, freshly picked tomatoes locally.