Stupice,  Heirloom      

      (52 days)    (pronounced stoo-peach-ka). Cold tolerant, blight and rot resistant. Potato-leaf, loaded with 2" by 2" golf ball size fruits borne in clusters of 6 to 8. Averages 87 fruits per plant. One of four original Czechoslovakian varieties sent in 1977 to the U. S. by Milan Sodomko.  Tangy and rich are adjectives often used by seed catalogs, but the flavor seems to be inconsistent year to year, and even picking to picking the same year.   The meaty (some would say tough) fruit is orange red throughout, with green shoulders sometimes appearing later in the season.   

     This is definitely a tomato for early production. Being cold (not frost) resistant, Stupice can be set out earlier than most other varieties. It is not bothered by a few 38 degree nights and will even set fruit with temperatures in the 40's. A semi-determinate that tops out at about 4 foot height, it maintains a manageable compact size for 7-10 gal containers and can be grown successfully indoors. Stupice has a better than average shelf life for an early tomato.