Dr. Wyche's Yellow,   Heirloom      

      (85 - 87 day)  Golden-yellow beefsteaks, 10oz - 1lb unblemished fruit.   Dr. Wyche's Yellow is considered by many to be one of the best tasting yellow tomatoes, with just the right blend of sweet and tanginess.  The plants grow huge, but production is iffy, dependent on the weather and other factors.  Folks grow it because they love its meatiness and flavor, not its bounty.
      The published history of Dr. Wyche's Yellow is a textbook example of tomato-logy hagiographical unreliability.  Some sources aver with certainty that Dr. Wyche was a one-time owner of the Cole Brothers Circus.  Others claim the circus owner was a close friend of Dr. Wyche.  Another just attributes that Dr. Wyche knew the owner.  And yet one more source merely states that Dr. Wyche resided somewhere not too far from the Cole Bros. Circus winter headquarters in Hugo OK. Whatever the case, all sources agree that Dr. Wyche was an able horticulturalist who employed manure from the circus animals to amend his garden soil to grow fantastic tomatoes. 
     Now, we run into trouble again on just how Dr. Wyche's acclaimed yellow tomato made its way into the marketplace.  Some say Dr. Wyche was a founding member of SSE (seed savers exchange) and contributed the seed himself.  Another, more roundabout version, has Dr. Wyche's Yellow tomato seed being sent in 1992 to avid tomato heirloom researcher, Craig LeHoullier, by the legendary John D. Green of Cherokee Purple fame.  Allegedly Dr. Wyche, while on his deathbed, sent samples of his seed to John. 
     Moral of this story is: on this website and others; enjoy the folklore attached to heirlooms, but keep a full saltshaker handy.