Burpee's Big Boy,    hybrid                       

       (78 days)   12 - 16 ounce, globe shaped, meaty, smooth, crimson-red fruit are produced on sturdy, reliable and heavy yielding indeterminate vines.   The juicy, thick-walled tomatoes are an excellent size and shape for slicing, and when fresh-picked, the aroma and flavor makes them a favorite of many.   Taste is the main reason I grow Big Boy.   Although the fruit are not as crack and blemish free as Big Beef,  in my garden they grow slightly bigger and pack a lot more flavor.   For a slice of red beefsteak on a burger, Big Boy is the best of the hybrids.  Heirloom beefsteaks are still better.
     Since its introduction to the market by Burpee in 1949,
 Big Boy has been the standard by which all other main crop hybrid tomatoes are compared.