Box Car Willie,   

                  (76 - 80 days) 10 - 16 oz., slightly flattened fruit named for Grand Ole Opry singer Lecil Travis Martin a.k.a. Box Car Willie.   Joe Bratka's  father discovered this prolific New Jersey tomato variety that exhibits fair resistance to disease and cracking.  Joe found the seeds in a glass jar in a tool shed along with several other varieties saved by his Dad.  Carolyn Male successfully germinated the seed.  Box Car Willie is said to have a robust old fashion tomato flavor with just the right balance of acid to sweetness.    This is a multi-use, high yielding, juicy main crop tomato that's a good choice for canning as well as making a great slice to top a sandwich.  


 Box Car Willie seed is listed for sell in numerous seed catalogues and many other sources are easily found on the internet.  The problem is finding the true original heirloom introduced by Carolyn Male.  A major wholesale supplier to seed retailers somehow introduced bogus seed into the marketplace.  The offspring of these bogus seeds got even wider distribution.  The same problem exists for Brandywine and many other heirloom varieties.  Even buying only from long established major retailers can sometimes result in ersatz seed.  It's wise to carefully compare the plant and fruit produced with detailed description of the original.  i.e. if the cultivar is described to produce 6 oz dark red fruit and yours are a pound and orange, then you got to have a clue something's amiss.