Rebecca Sebastian's Bull Bag,   Heirloom      

      (86 days)  irregular, or oxheart, to bull bag [countryfolk get it] shape.  Often extra large, and always richly flavored.  The regular leaf indeterminate vines are said to be somewhat disease resistant and produce reliable crops.  This heirloom was passed on to Rebecca Sebastian by her father in  Paris KY.  Paris lies just west of Lexington in the famed blue grass region of the state.
      My seed is from a gardening friend here in NE IL who got his from a friend in FL.  How it got to FL I don't know, so we'll see how true the tomatoes are to the original heirlooms.
  Some websites describe Bull Bag as a beefsteak variety which doesn't quite jive with the facts i've found.  3 pounders have been reported.