Bush Goliath, hybrid       

       (68 days)  Bush Goliath produces average yields of 3 - 6 ounce red tomatoes on semi-determinate vines that continue to produce heavily until frost.   The 4 inch fruit grow on strong vines that top out at less than 4 ft.  Bush Goliath is very suitable for growing in containers of 5 gallons or larger and can be brought indoors.  Bush Goliath is but one member of the Goliath family gaining rapidly in popularity with backyard gardeners and commercial growers.  Others in the series include Original Goliath, Early Goliath, Italian Goliath, Old-Fashioned Goliath, Sunny Goliath,  and Goliath Griller Hybrid.   
      Clare, pictured above, liked to boast about the terrific number of quality tomatoes he harvested from his  patio plants.  For as long as his health enabled him, Tuesday mornings you would find Clare praying the Rosary and meditating on his Missal while witnessing for life in front of Planned Parenthood.