Champion II,    hybrid       

     Ripe fruit from 67 - 74 days after setting out.  Indeterminate Champion produces average yields of 8 oz red tomatoes that ripen quickly after fruit set and continues to produce heavily all season long until frost.  The fruit are nearly perfectly blemish free, not too sweet and have a hint of that old fashioned tomato flavor - more like beefsteaks than the other early varieties.   The juicy, meaty fruit do not contain too many seeds. 
    Champion was bred to produce the perfect early slicer for sandwiches.   Fruit sets even on cool nights.   I started growing Champion because it was highly recommended by a gardening friend who swears by its taste and productivity.   I have to generally agree with his opinion.   The one possible drawback I've found is that Champion does not set fruit well during hot, steamy weather.  Of course that's true of many tomato cultivars.