Early Girl, hybrid                       

      (71 - 72 days)   4 to 6 ounce, globe shaped, meaty, smooth, reliable, and heavy yielding. Crimson red, blemish-free skin.  Somewhat resistant to wilt. Large leaves protect against sun scald. Early Girl's rich tomato flavor compares favorably to many heirlooms.  It has enough juice and thick enough walls to be an ideal canner.  Early Girl does not sprawl, but still responds well to caging.  Considered the earliest true slicing-size tomato, it starts producing quickly and keeps on until frost.
     For good reason Early Girl is the most purchased six-pack tomato plants at retail stores every spring and won the 1993 and 1997 favorite tomato award in a Sunset Magazine poll.  Early Girl matures quickly (advertised at 54 days; good luck with that) and continues growing with temperatures even as low as 40o F. 
     With the record breaking warm spring and early hot summer of 2012, gardening friends were reporting ripe Early Girls by the end of June.  Almost everyone was picking them by the 4th of July.