The tomato is the most widely grown vegetable in the world.  The French titled it "the apple of love," the Germans  "the apple of paradise."   Whatever it's called, the average American consumes 80 pounds annually.  That  works out to the equivalent of 3.5 ounces per day or 1 small tomato per day.  However Joe Average only eats 24 pounds of it unprocessed, so that leaves a lot of juice, ketchup, salsa, and pizza topping.    

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 Extra Early 

Early Girl                Mountain Princess                   Polbig   

    Bloody Butcher                Cherry Falls                     Stupice


     Main Crop

   72 days, smooth, juicy, globe-shaped fruit weigh 12oz. or more for more         77 day open-pollinated, record-setting multipound true beefsteak tomatoes. for more
  Better Boy                  Burpee's Big Boy                   Delicious   

        75 day,  red, meaty, medium sized fruits 5 to 8 oz for more    70 day hybrid, 12 ounce aromatic, meaty fruit thought to have that true Jersey tomato flavor. for more    77 day open-pollinated, 7 ounce thick-walled fruits ideal for canning or eating fresh. for more
        Marglobe                           Ramapo                         Rutgers


Disease Resistant           

 73 day hybrid, highly productive indeterminate plants bear meaty beefsteak fruit under adverse conditions. for more     70 day hybrid, 8 ounce fruit on productive determinate plants good for caging. for more              
              Big Beef                          Celebrity                             Defiant                       
   65 days, hybrid, blemish free, oblate fruit, weigh 10-15 oz. for more           72 days, smooth, juicy, globe-shaped fruit weigh 12oz. or more for more        
Juliet                               Legend      

        long chains of excellent tasting cherry tomatoes for more      71 day heirloom, unusual bell shape and mild flavor make these 1 ounce tomatoes a gormet delight. for more      
 Prudens Purple                   Tommy Toe                      Yellow Pear      


    79 day, low acid, mild flavored fruits often weighing over 2 pounds. for more     80 day, pink 1/2 pound fruit, very aromatic and flavorful. for more     80 day, organish-red, 10 - 16 oz  slightly flattened fruit named for Grand Ole Opry singer for more    87 day open pollinated, pound + beefy fruits with exceptional flavor. for more
 Giant                        Traveler 76                      Box Car Willie               So Ugli             
     87 day, Golden-yellow  10oz - 1lb unblemished for more   83 day, giant multi-pound, bi-colored pink and yellow fruits with unforgetable superb sweet flavor. for more    90 day, aromatic pink 8 ounce or larger, delicious fruit. for more    70 day heirloon, 8 ounce to a pound, deep red fruits on productive indeterminate plants. for more
 Dr. Wyche's Yellow                 Big Rainbow                      Soldacki                         Druzba        

     78 day,  cherry red,   5-7oz, meaty, smooth, blemish-free, indeterminate for more    93 day, mild flavored orange 16 ounce or larger, delicious fruit. for more    74 day heirloom, 8 ounce meaty fruits, disease and blemish free as most hybrids. for more    
          Eva Purple Ball             Kellogg's Breakfast               Mule Team                 Marianna's Peace    



    60 day hybrid, consistently produces candy-sweet 3/4 ounce crack free fruit. for more       55 day clusters of cherry tomatoes on petite plant. for more       54 day heirloom, heavy producer of 1/2 ounce sweet cherries. for more
          Sweet Million                     Red Robin                    
Large Red Cherry        



  72 day hybrid determinate, nearly seedless, meaty, plum-type tomato used for pastes and sauces. for more    72 day, 4 ft saladette bush of high lycopene tomatoes for more      75 days,  paste-type, richly flavored, pear shaped, heirloom tomatoes. for more    85 day heirloom, 8 ounce fruits good for slicing or canning, very productive. for more    VivaItalia                         Health Kick             
Martino's Roma               Amish Past  



 70 days, producesheavy yields of blocky bell peppers even in adverse weather. for more         65 day mildly hot peppers on small bushy plants for more        80 day juicy, spicy chilies used to make world famous sauce for more        75 day hot chilies used in Asian cusine for more
 North Star                         Jalapeno                             Tabasco
                           Super Chili