Juliet,      hybrid                       

        (58 - 63 days)  These 1 oz elongated, grape tomatoes grow in clusters of 12 to 18 fruit.     The ripe fruit hold longer on the vine or in storage than most cherry tomatoes.   Before frost in the fall even the hardest, greenest, Juliets can be picked and stored in a cool place.  Most will gradually ripen giving you healthy garden tomatoes until Christmas. The vigorous vines need support, but can be grown in large containers, and successfully in the greenhouse.
     This 1999 AAS winner is definitely one of Lester's [pictured above]  favorites.   Before retiring and moving into a senior home, Lester farmed his entire life.  He loves being outdoors and really enjoys growing tomatoes and cucumbers to share with his new friends.  Lester says he likes the shape, size, and flavor of Juliet. 

     In 1996 a Taiwanese friend of Manatee County, Florida, vegetable grower Andrew Chu, suggested that the newly developed tomatoes, already in much demand on the China mainland, might appeal to Chu's ethnic customers in the states.  Chu decided to try them out as a specialty product.  He called them "grape tomatoes."   The variety he grew was 'Santa,' a hybrid developed by Known-You Seed Company, LTD, Taiwan.  The tomatoes were a hit and their popularity began to spread like wildfire.
     Known-You trademarked the term "grape tomato", but to Chu's consternation, a competitor, Philadelphia based Procacci Bros., wisely bought the exclusive distribution rights.  Chu still grows the variety but must purchase his seed directly from a mainland China source.
    Thompson & Morgan Seed Company was allowed to market ‘Santa’ seed to home gardeners for several years but no longer can.
  Juliet,  available to the home gardener, is a larger Santa type grape variety developed by Known-You.  It has superb, sweet flavor - yet less sugary and more tomato taste than Santa.