Mike's KOA, open-pollinated

      (61 - 71 days).    A good meaty, red, slicing tomato weighing 6 oz. or better that grows well in large containers and tolerates more shaded conditions than normally considered optimal.   A very hardy semi-determinate plant that continues to ripen fruit at season's end after many other varieties have quit.
       One late summer day I ran across Mike's colorful garden display while walking around the campground, and among his botanicals I came across the most vigorous potted tomatoes.  Mike recollects his daughter gave him the original starts that
she purchased from a garden center many years back.  His daughter can't remember which nursery and has no idea what they were named, but Mike, for good reason, likes the variety and saves enough seed from year to year to start  plants for himself and to give away to friends, relatives, and other campers. 
    It is amazing the trouble folks will go to to dedicate a little space for horticulture.   Whether it is a clearing in a forest, a desert oasis, a sunny suburban back porch, a city rooftop, or a steamy geyser fed hothouse in northern Alaska, people go the extra mile to connect with the natural world by growing their own vegetables.   It is a tribute not only to their wholesomeness, but also to their ingenuity. 
   My hat is off to the thousands of Mikes that are making their little corner of the universe better by keeping it green.