Mule Team,  created Heirloom   

     (74 days)   Expect high yielding, hardy plants that produce near-perfect, 10 ounce, globe-shaped, red fruit.  The tomatoes are blemish free, meaty, mild, sweet tasting, with just enough tang.  Mule team's disease resistance and productivity is equal to, if not better than, many hybrids.
     Mule Team is a 'created' heirloom.   Joe Bratka, a prolific tomato breeder himself, found seeds left by his plant breeder father in a tool shed.  Joe shared these seeds with renown heirloom specialist, Carolyn Male,   who succeeded in getting them to germinate and grow.
   Created heirlooms are the result of crossing two heirlooms or a heirloom with a hybrid.  After several generations of careful selection the offspring become dehybridized to an open-pollinated cultivar.  The Bratka family is responsible for many other well-known varieties including Box Car Willie, Lady Luck,  Snow White, and Red Barn.