The tomato is the most widely grown vegetable in the world.  The French titled it "the apple of love," the Germans "the apple of paradise."   Whatever it's called, the average American consumes 80 pounds annually.  That  works out to the equivalent of 3.5 ounces per day or 1 small tomato per day.  However Joe Average only eats 24 pounds of it unprocessed, so that leaves a lot of juice, ketchup, salsa, and pizza topping.    










  Tomato 101 







 Almost all field-grown fresh market tomatoes sold in the USA December through May come from the state of FLA.  A large number of greenhouse grown tomatoes come from Canada.















 To slice tomatoes easily use a serrated bread knife










Green tomatoes will ripen more quickly if stored near apples which give off ethylene gas.








  Tomatoes RX




The scientific name for tomato is lycopersicon lycopersicum which means "Wolf Peach"


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   More salsa is now sold in the USA than ketchup.





  Ns NUTS t s 



 Tomatoes will keep longer if stored  stem side down.



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 Disease & Pests




An easy method for peeling tomatoes is to drop them into a pan of boiling water. Quickly remove the pan from heat and allow to sit one minute.  Then plunge the tomatoes into cold water.




 Close cousins of the tomato are the edible eggplant, pepper, and potato; also the toxic belladonna commonly known as deadly nightshade.










 Winter Tomatoes







Americans buy over 440 million cans of Campbell's tomato soup  each year.
  Red Early Slicers

 54 day hybrid, medium size juicy fruit, reliable heavy yielder. for more    77 day rare heirloom dates back to Colonial days, 10 oz ribbed fruit, expect average yields. for more   68 day rare heirloom, Mountain Princess is a reliable producer of medium sized, round, smooth, blemish free fruit. for more 
Early Girl                 Early Large Red           Mountain Princess  

 68 day hybrid,  compact plant produces 4 inch blemish-free fruit, excellent for containers. for more     61 day open-pollinated, 6 ounce fruits on sturdy compact plant suitable for large containers. for more     55 day, fruit in clusters of of 6 ounce fruits. for more
    Bush Goliath                    Mike's KOA               Bloody Butcher  

64 day hybrid, average yields of 8 ounce for more     65 day high yields of 6 ounce sweet/tart fruits. for more    58 day high yields of 6 ounce fruits. for more
    Champion II                 Spark's Earliana                  Manitoba

Standard  Reds    

    77 day open-pollinated, 7 ounce thick-walled fruits ideal for canning or eating fresh. for more    74 day heirloom, 8 ounce meaty fruits, disease and blemish free as most hybrids. for more  
75 day,  red, meaty, medium sized fruits 5 to 8 oz for more
              Rutgers                      Mule Team

80 day rare heirloom.  Medium sized, six to eight ounce, sweet, red 
tomatoes ideal for slicing.</font>. for more    70 day hybrid, 8 ounce fruit on productive determinate plants good for caging. for more    70 day heirloon, 8 ounce to a pound, deep red fruits on productive indeterminate plants. for more

 Trophy                           Celebrity                          Druzba 

  72 days, smooth, juicy, globe-shaped fruit weigh 12oz. or more for more   65 days, hybrid, blemish free, oblate fruit, weigh 10-15 oz. for more    75 days, rare heirloom, high yields of 8 to 10 ounce, smooth, slightly flattened, good flavored fruit. for more
 Better Boy                Original Goliath                     Paragon


Red Beefsteaks

 77 day open-pollinated, record-setting multipound true beefsteak tomatoes. for more     87 day open pollinated, pound + beefy fruits with exceptional flavor. for more    73 day hybrid, highly productive indeterminate plants bear meaty beefsteak fruit under adverse conditions. for more
 Delicious                         So Ugli                             Big Beef

   80 day heirloom, the original beefsteak tomato, great for sandwiches weighing in at 1.5 pounds. for more   85 day French heirloom, beefy tomatoes weighing in at 1-3 pounds. for more
Burpee's Big Boy              Crimson Cushion                  Cuostralee  

   70 day hybrid, 12 ounce aromatic, meaty fruit thought to have that true Jersey tomato flavor. for more     85 day, organish-red, meaty, trophy size indeterminate for more    80 day, organish-red, 10 - 16 oz  slightly flattened fruit named for Grand Ole Opry singer for more
     Ramapo                           Big Zac                      Box Car Willie



Colorful Heirlooms

 79 day, low acid, mild flavored fruits often weighing over 2 pounds. for more   80 day, pink 1/2 pound fruit, very aromatic and flavorful. for more   90 day heirloom, large rosy-pink fruits that many folks swear are the very best for flavor. for more   78 day, zingy, 4-5 oz, pale green with dark green stripes that soften and turn yellow when ripe. for more     Belgian Giant                    Traveler 76                  Pink Brandywine                Green Zebra       
78 days, oxheart shaped pound fruit with distinctive fruity flavor. for more  87 day, Golden-yellow  10oz - 1lb unblemished for more  83 day, giant multi-pound, bi-colored pink and yellow fruits with unforgetable superb sweet flavor. for more   90 day, aromatic pink 8 ounce or larger, delicious fruit. for more
 Anna Russian            Dr. Wyche's Yellow             Big Rainbow                  Soldacki      

78 day,  cherry red,   5-7oz, meaty, smooth, blemish-free, indeterminate for more   93 day, mild flavored orange 16 ounce or larger, delicious fruit. for more    83 day, purplish brown 12 ounce fruit, very aromatic and flavorful. for more   78 day,  cherry red,   extra large, meaty, heirlooms for more      
 Eva Purple Ball           Kellogg's Breakfast            Cherokee Purple         Rebecca Sebastian's Bull Bag 



    60 day hybrid, consistently produces candy-sweet 3/4 ounce crack free fruit. for more   55 day clusters of cherry tomatoes on petite plant. for more   74 day open pollinated, produces 1/2 inch, sweet, ivory colored cherries, for more
    Sweet Million                Red Robin                   
Snow White  
     54 day heirloom, heavy producer of 1/2 ounce sweet cherries. for more   63 day heirloom, its name describes the color and tangy flavor of the 1/2 ounce fruit for more   perfect cherry tomato plant for containers for more
      Large Red Cherry                Lemon Drop                  Husky Red Cherry  

     long chains of excellent tasting cherry tomatoes for more     70 days,  large bright red cherry tomatoes, ideal for hanging baskets. for more     75 days  1.25 oz golfball size red cherry tomatoes for more
      Tommy Toe                  Cherry Falls                        V-teer     


   Grape  Plum   Pear   

 55 days, 1 ounce hybrid, elongated saladettes, blemish and crack free even in adverse weather. for more  72 day hybrid determinate, nearly seedless, meaty, plum-type tomato used for pastes and sauces. for more  72 day, 4 ft saladette bush of high lycopene tomatoes for more    75 days,  paste-type, richly flavored, pear shaped, heirloom tomatoes. for more
 Viva Italia                      Health Kick               
Martino's Roma

 85 day heirloom, 8 ounce fruits good for slicing or canning, very productive. for more     71 day heirloom, unusual bell shape and mild flavor make these 1 ounce tomatoes a gormet delight. for more  71 day heirloom, big clusters of 1-2 oz. red, plum shaped,crack-resistant paste tomatoes for more            Amish Paste                  San Marzano                   Yellow Pear              Principe Borghese       




 70 days, producesheavy yields of blocky bell peppers even in adverse weather. for more    65 day mildly hot peppers on small bushy plants for more   80 day juicy, spicy chilies used to make world famous sauce for more  75 day hot chilies used in Asian cusine for more   North Star                    Jalapeno                        Tabasco                      Super Chili