Omar's Lebanese,  Heirloom

                    Won 1st place at Dekalb Co. Fair 2008 & 2009.  Entered by Jim Yuvan of Plano.
(90 days)  Huge 5", pink, green-shouldered, irregularly shaped beefsteak tomatoes are produced on vigorous plants that are more immune to plant disease than most regular leafed varieties.  
    Omar's Lebanese was originally discovered growing in a Lebanon hill town by a U.S. colleague of Carolyn Male.   Omar's Lebanese tomatoes typically tip the scales at over a pound and can weigh in at more than 4 pounds.   The indeterminate plant should be given additional support.  I cage, stake, and tie up mine.
While seed catalogues advertise prolific fruiting,  many gardeners complain that production is highly irregular - perhaps depending on the seed source or the season's growing conditions.  A growing season possibly could not see even a single tomato produced.   The next might bring a bumper harvest.    Similarly,  Omar's flavor is inconsistent.  Some seasons it can be incredibly aromatic, rich, juicy, and sweet.   Yet, at other times gardeners report tomatoes that are mealy and bland. 
     While I haven't notice the inconsistency in flavor or production others report, my Omar's do sometimes exhibit catfacing.   The unsightly puckering and scarring does not damage
the plant or  affect the flavor of the fruit, but if extended very deeply into the tomato, it can greatly limit the edible portion.  Unusually low temperatures during fruit set is most often the cause of the deformity.  Other contributing factors can be extreme variations in soil moisture, or excessive amounts of fertilizer.  Omar's Lebanese is the only tomato I have this problem with, so obviously some tomato cultivars are more susceptible to this condition than others.