Big Rainbow,    Heirloom                 

       (83 - 94 days)     These meaty, golden-orange, ruby streaked,  1 - 2 pound tomatoes also go by the moniker Rainbow.  The low acid fruit grow on 6 ft. vines that definitely require support.  Although not a high yielder, fruit production is consistent - even through hot, dry weather.  
Rainbow has a sweet, fruity taste yet still maintains a rich tomato flavor.  Rainbow slices are perfect for tuna sandwiches.  
   In 1990 Rainbow came to the attention of SESE, a seed savers network, from Polk Co. MN thanks to Dorothy Beiswenger.  It's conjectured that most, if not all, of the gold-red multicolored tomatoes have a common German heritage.

  Won 1st place at Dekalb Co. Fair 2005.  Entered by Jim Yuvan of Plano.