Riesentraube,  Heirloom    

   Ripe fruit from 63 - 70 days after setting out.   It produces bunches of  deep red,  3/4 oz., 1-1.5" cherry-size fruit with a prominent nipple on blossom end.   The plants are high yielding with good foliage coverage.  Riesentrube lacks the candy-sugary sweetness associated with many cherry tomatoes,  more resembling a high quality heirloom beefsteak.  Its name means, "great bunches of grapes."  There can be 20 to 40 fruits per cluster. Vines branch often and do need support.  The plants are very hardy, disease resistant, and continue fruiting during inclement weather.   The fruits rarely split - even after heavy rainfall.  Riesentraube will successfully grow in large containers.    
   Riesentraube is a German heirloom variety discovered by horticulturist Jurgen Klopprott at a Gaterslegen seed bank and brought to the USA in 1993     It has since been documented by Will Weaver to have been grown in the U.S. by the Pennsylvania Dutch near Allentown as long ago as 1856.     For me it makes a great snack.