Sweet Million, hybrid     

         (60 - 67 days)  Bright red, round, 1 to1¾ oz. fruit, that grow in grapelike clusters. Very disease resistant and sweet as candy. Leave these in an open bowl on a counter and they will disappear quickly.  Heavy yielding 6 ft. vines need support and will produce until frost.  One plant is claimed to have produced over 1000 tomatoes grossing 32 pounds of fruit.  It's a prolific variety. 
weet million is a product of Sakata Seed America's research facilities.   In 1913 Takeo Sakata began a small nursery in his native Japan.  He traveled to America, England, and Holland to study the latest in scientific horticultural plant breeding.  From its humble beginnings on Sakata Noen” – Sakata’s Farm - Mr. Sakata’s nursery grew to become Sakata Seed Corporation, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and maintaining a large network of research stations around the world.
        Headquartered in Morgan Hill CA, Sakata Seed America, Inc. was established in 1977. America's research facilities include the California Research Station in Salinas, CA, the Arizona Research Station in Yuma, AZ, and the Florida Research Station in Fort Myers, FL.
The fruit have a very long shelf life, and can be picked green before frost and allowed to ripen inside without spoiling.
 Sweet Million fruit will crack if left too long on the vine; especially during rainy periods.
      Rita of Aurora IL was proud of her back porch container grown Sweet Millions that she shared with neighbors.   Rita is now enjoying her mansion over that hilltop where she shares sweet millions with the angels.