rare Heirloom           

        (80 days)  Medium sized, six to eight ounce, sweet, red tomatoes ideal for slicing.   Trophy is thought by many as being the most important tomato developed in America.  It took Dr Hand of Baltimore Maryland more than 2 decades to perfect Trophy, afterwhich in 1870 agricultural researcher Colonel George E. Waring Jr. of Newport RI sold Trophy seed to the public at the astounding price of $5.00 per packet of 20 seeds.

    The D. Landreth Seed Co in 1820 was the first to market tomato seeds commercially in the USA, but the quality of the fruit produced was largely unfavorable.   The improvements made through Dr. Hand's efforts were remarkable and, to a great part, led to the popularization of the tomato throughout the country.  Equally important, commercial plant developers, Burpee, Henderson, Park, and others then used Trophy extensively to breed other new cultivars.  Most of today's successful tomato varieties have Trophy in their heritage.